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Electric butterfly valve manufacturers should focus on value chain management


In the case of increasingly fierce competition in the electric butterfly valve market, electric butterfly valve manufacturers must use channels to open the market. The importance of channel construction is self-evident, but it is not a one-day job to build channels. Starting from the actual situation of butterfly valve manufacturers and then analyzing specific issues, only the combination of the two can truly open up the sales market.

As we all know, channels are crucial to the market sales of products, and the uneven distribution of channel resources allows leading electric butterfly valve manufacturers to use monopoly competition to further occupy the high ground of the market, while ordinary electric butterfly valve manufacturers can only survive in the cracks. At the time of market transformation, the spread of the Matthew effect is not conducive to the advancement of the entire industry.

Even if the goal of the market transformation is to keep strong electric butterfly valve manufacturers at the expense of weak and small electric butterfly valve manufacturers, the unfair channel distribution will also squeeze out small and medium-sized electric butterfly valve manufacturers with development prospects. not in exchange for comprehensive strength but in exchange for funds. Unbalanced channel distribution is actually not conducive to the healthy development of the market. Once some superficial electric butterfly valve manufacturers have mastered the big market direction, it will only delay the progress and development direction of the electric butterfly valve industry and hinder the transformation of the market.

Therefore, Shanghai Wodian believes that for the channel construction of electric butterfly valve manufacturers, it is necessary to find countermeasures based on their own conditions and analyze specific problems. It is suitable for the development of manufacturers' channel construction. In the face of brutal market competition, electric butterfly valve manufacturers must not only improve product quality but also pay attention to the management of the value chain in order to maximize the use of available resources.


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