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Formulation of Lost Foam Casting Coatings


Coating is a very important raw material consumption in lost foam casting, which is related to the economic benefits of the enterprise. Painting is the key to the success or failure of EPC and an important lifeline of EPC quality. To master paint, you must first understand paint, understand paint. To make good use of coatings, one is to scientifically select additives, and the other is to rationally allocate aggregates. The following is a brief introduction to the formula of EPC coating.

The formula of EPC coating is as follows:

1. 90% bauxite, 10% quartz powder, 2% phenolic resin, 2% white latex, 3% calcium-based bentonite, 0.1% detergent, 0.1% isopropanol, and appropriate amount of water.

2. The proportion of quartz sand and bauxite is 2%, GM-1 resin 2%, silica sol 3%, lithium bentonite 1%, CMC 1.5%, flat plate 0.3%, and water reducing agent for slag inclusion in lost foam castings 0.5% , and an appropriate amount of water;

3. Bauxite 60%, flake graphite 40%, silica sol 4%, binder 4%, bentonite 1%, iron oxide 3%, carboxymethyl cellulose 3%, resin 0.5%, the sum of the above formulas is 0.5%.

The above content is the EPC coating formula introduced by Xiaobian. The editor hereby reminds everyone that the negative pressure during the pouring process of the lost foam casting equipment is conducive to the formation of pyrolysis products and the reduction of wrinkle defects. However, it should be noted that the negative pressure should not be too low, otherwise it is easy to cause sand penetration defects.


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