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The Brief Introduction to Water Glass Investment Casting for Railway Part


Water glass investment casting is a process that involves creating a mold by using a mixture of water glass (sodium silicate) and quartz sand to form a shell around a wax pattern. The shell is then heated to remove the wax, leaving behind a cavity that can be filled with molten metal. This process is used to create high-precision and complex parts with a smooth surface finish. In the railway industry, water glass investment casting is often used to produce parts such as couplers, brake components, and bogie frames. These parts require high dimensional accuracy, strength, and durability to withstand the stresses of railway operation. Water glass investment casting can provide these characteristics, making it a popular manufacturing process for railway parts.

Ningbo Zhiye Mechanical Components Co.,Ltd.It is located at Xiachen Industrial Zone,Chunhu Town,Fenghua District,Ningbo City,which is known for its precision castings in China.It is subordinated to Ningbo Huashen Group,which have 5 companies in total.With over 900 employees and the annual production output is more than 3,000 tons.The main business ranges are Silica Sol Investment Casting, Water Glass Investment Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Shell Mold Casting and Composite Lost Wax Investment Casting.It has been a famous supply for precision castings in China.


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