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The significance of lubrication for cutter suction dredgers


Understanding the importance of dredger lubrication can help us use cutter suction dredgers more effectively. Join us now to learn about the critical role of lubricating oil in dredgers:

1. Because the dredging machine and oil tank are small in size, the amount of lubricating oil installed is also small. Because the oil temperature is relatively high during operation, the lubricating oil must have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

2. Due to the harsh environment of the river water, where there is a lot of coal dust, rock dust, and moisture, the lubricating oil will inevitably be polluted by these impurities, so the lubricating oil of the dredger is required to have better anti-rust, anti-corrosion (interpretation: refers to decay, disappearance, erosion, etc.), and anti-emulsification performance; it is required that when the lubricating oil is polluted, its performance will not change too much, that is, the sensitivity to pollution should be small.

3. In winter and summer, the temperature of dredgers in the open air varies greatly, and the temperature difference between day and night in some areas is also relatively large. As a result, the viscosity of lubricating oil must be low as it changes with temperature. The product's viscosity becomes too low, preventing the formation of a lubricating film and preventing the lubricating effect from being achieved. It is also necessary to avoid having a viscosity that is too high when the temperature is low, as this will make starting and running difficult.

4. Flammable mineral oils cannot be used in some dredging mechanical equipment (composition: driving device, transmission device, etc.), particularly machinery used in mines prone to fire and accidents.

5. The lubricant (function of reducing or avoiding friction and wear) must be more adaptable to the seals in order to avoid damage to the cutter suction dredgers' seals.


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