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What Are The Advantages of ASV Constant CFM Air Handler


An ASV Constant CFM (Constant Cubic Feet per Minute) Air Handler is a type of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system that offers several advantages over traditional air handlers with fixed-speed motors. Here are some of the key advantages of ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers:

1. Energy Efficiency: ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers are designed to adjust their fan speed and airflow output based on the specific needs of the space they are conditioning. By varying the fan speed, the system can precisely match the required airflow, resulting in higher energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption compared to fixed-speed systems.

2. Enhanced Comfort: The ability to maintain a constant airflow regardless of changes in system conditions ensures consistent comfort levels throughout the building. This eliminates issues like hot and cold spots, providing a more pleasant indoor environment for occupants.

3. Improved Air Quality: Constant CFM operation helps ensure that the air filtration and ventilation systems are working optimally at all times. By maintaining a consistent airflow rate, the air handler can effectively filter and circulate air, removing contaminants and maintaining better indoor air quality.

4. Quieter Operation: ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers often have variable-speed motors that can operate at lower speeds when demand is low. This results in reduced fan noise compared to fixed-speed systems, contributing to a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

5. System Flexibility: Constant CFM air handlers are versatile and can be integrated into various HVAC systems, including single-zone, multi-zone, and ductless configurations. This flexibility allows for customized installations that suit the specific needs of different buildings or spaces.

6. Demand-Based Control: ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers can be equipped with advanced control systems that utilize demand-based strategies. These strategies respond to changing load requirements and occupancy patterns, optimizing the system's performance and further enhancing energy efficiency.

7. Cost Savings: While the initial cost of ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers may be higher than fixed-speed systems, the energy savings over time can lead to reduced operating costs. The increased efficiency can result in lower utility bills, offering a return on investment in the long run.

8. Reduced Wear and Tear: The ability to modulate fan speed and airflow can reduce the wear and tear on the system components, including the fan motor and other mechanical parts. This can lead to longer equipment life and potentially fewer maintenance needs.

9. Compliance with Building Codes: Some energy codes and green building standards require or incentivize the use of energy-efficient HVAC systems like ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers. Installing such systems may help buildings comply with these codes and qualify for certain incentives or certifications.

Overall, ASV Constant CFM Air Handlers offer a more sophisticated and energy-efficient solution for conditioning indoor spaces, making them a preferred choice for environmentally conscious building owners and those seeking enhanced comfort and performance from their HVAC systems.


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