Is the silica sol process associated with investment casting?

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The silica sol process is an investment casting process that requires little or no cutting. Silica sol investment casting is a well-known and widely used technology in the foundry industry. It is not only suitable for casting a wide range of materials and alloys, but it also produces castings with higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods. Investment casting can produce complex, high-temperature-resistant, and difficult-to-process castings that are difficult to cast using other casting methods. The modern investment casting method was practically used in industrial production in the 1940s. The development of aviation jet engines at the time necessitated the production of heat-resistant alloy parts with complex shapes, precise dimensions, and smooth surfaces, such as blades, impellers, and nozzles. Other methods of manufacture are impossible or difficult because the heat-resistant alloy material is difficult to process and the shape of the part is complex. As a result, a new, precise molding process is required. As a result, after learning the lost wax casting techniques passed down from ancient China and improving materials and techniques, the modern investment casting method has made significant advances based on ancient techniques.

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